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Affiliate Program

If you have a community in any form of media whether it be a blogger, video based or any other community and you love our product and want to recommend them for their benefit . We would like to exceptionally reward you.

Long Lasting

60 Days Cookie

Cookies which can last exceptionally for 60 Days from the time the person visits your affiliated link, eventually you make a sales commissions after 60 Days.

Creative Briefs

Marketing Content

Keep your audience updated with quality banner and regularly updated content, the information will be transmitted in form of newsletter regularly.

Exclusivity for you

Promotional Offers

Get exclusive discounts and promotional offers on all products during festive season as well as unique discount just for you. Moreover, launch offers for your community.

Hefty earning potential

5-10% Commission

Earn 5-10% of commission on every product being sold using your affiliate link and being partnered with industry leaders reduces the cash disposal time.

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