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Power Max 1500W | 1536Wh Portable Power Station

Power Max 1500

No more concerns about work being disrupted by power outages.


Long cycle life with built-in high energy density.
• Modules powered with Pure Shine Wave Technology.
• Multiple output systems to power various electrical devices.
• Power Station is ensured through multiple quality inspections.

Never be short of power.

Packed with superior capacity capable to power up your devices for hours. Whether you’re dealing with a depleted cell phone battery or slowly dying devices like flashlights, portable power is an essential part of any outdoor enthusiast’s. 

every device

Designed for your comfort and one hand lift. With it, you can power up any device you need with a simple press of a button. Plus, it’s easy to use and lightweight for travel.

Cooling Fan

Power Station designed for saving energy and with excellent heat dissipation using vent.

Nominal Capacity

1536 Wh

Output Power


12 Output Ports

Our portable power station comes with multiple output ports for your
power needs like like AC Ports, Car Ports, USB-A port, USB-C port and DC5521 Output Ports.

AC port (X4)

Total max. 110V/500W

Car port (X1) + DC5521 (X1)


USB-A (X4)

18W max

USB-C (X2)

Max. PD 100W

Powered by
Multiple Charging Options.

3 Hours.

3 Hours of Mains Charging with 600W adapter.

6 Hours.

6 Hours of MPPT Photovoltaic Charging with 300W adapter.

15 Hours.

15 Hours of Car Charging with 120W adapter.

Green Energy. Green Scenario

Our Products are lightweight and safe moreover provide green energy in an efficient and convenient way
for a couple of scenarios, including outdoor leisure activities, or emergency medical rescue.

Suitable for every power needs.

 It has multi-functional output interface that can power smartphones, laptops, UAVs,
photography equipment, lights, portable medical devices, etc.

≈20 times

Laptop (60Wh)

≈140 times

Drones (1500mAh)

≈125 Hours

Lanterns (10W)

≈20 hours

Car Refrigerator(60W)

≈4.2 hours

Portable Cooker (300W)

≈1.2 hours

Hair Dryer (1000W)

6 Safety
protection measures

An intelligent protection system and multiple safety protections that guarantees the safe use of electricity. Engineered by 9 Quality Inspection while ensuring the cycle service life is longer and more durable.

Market Sectors

Driven to be world’s most innovative portable power solutions provider.
Power, chill & relax with portable power solutions and make memorable jouneys.

Technical Specifications:

General characteristics

Rated Capacity
1536 Wh

Rated Power
1500W, Peak 2300W

Nominal Weight
≈ 16 Kg

370 mm

311.5 mm

235 mm

Output Port

AC port (X4)

Car port (X1) + DC5521 (X1)

USB-A (X4)
18W max

USB-C (X2)
PD 100W max

Charging Time

AC Direct Charging (600W)
3 Hours.

MPPT Photovoltaic Charging (300W)
6 Hours.

Car Charging (120W
15 Hours.

Operating Temperature

Working Temp.
0°C - 45°C

Cycle Life: 1000 cycles (0.5C Charge, 1C Discharge, @25°C±2°C).
Certifications: CE, RoSH, WEEE, REACH, UKCA, METI, C-Tick, RCM, UN38.3
Protection: Over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, high temperature protection and low temperature protection

Customized Modules

OEMs Modules
available now...

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