Power Max 600W | 531Wh Portable Power Station

Power Max 600

Simple & sleek minimal design with independent design patent


Long cycle life with built-in high energy density.
• Provides green energy in efficiently and conveniently.
• High safety features with triple protection and three firewalls.
• Automated production with high reliability and consistency.

Built to meet every power needed.

The increasing demand for clean energy and outdoor lifestyle boosts the development of the portable power station industry. LiB Portable Power Pro, self-designed by LiB.energy, has a long cycle life with a built-in high energy density lithium-ion battery.


Simple and sleek minimal design with independent design patent. Built-in handle and silicone strip design, more convenient for outdoor activities.

Multiple output
ports for multifarious usage

Powered by Double AC 600W sine wave output; PD60W max DC output.

Nominal capacity

531 Wh

Output power


6 Output Ports

Our portable power station comes with multiple output ports for your power needs
like like AC Ports, Car Ports, USB-A port and USB-C port.

AC port (X2)

Pure sine wave,

Total max. 600 W

Car port (X1)

12.0 V(-0.5 V,+1.8 V)

/ 10A 120 W

USB-A (X2)

5±0.25V/2.4 A,

Total max. 24 W

USB-C (X1)

(5/9/12/15/20 V)/3A,

Max. PD 60W

Cutting-edge HD display

LiB.energy’s Portable Power Max 600 94V0 fireproof material; HD LCD display.

Powered by
fast charging.


High-power charging adapter, up to 200W solar charging.


Methods such as by mains electricity, solar panels, car port etc.


Best-in-class battery discharge efficiency.

50,000 hrs.

Long-lasting storage with continuous power.

Green energy. Green scenario.

Our products are lightweight and safe; moreover provide green energy in an efficient and convenient way
for a couple of scenarios, including outdoor leisure activities or emergency medical rescue.

Portable Power 600W Girl with Modules-min

Suitable for every power needs.

 It has a multi-functional output interface that can power smartphones, laptops, drones,
photography equipment, lights, portable medical devices and other devices.

≈4.5 times

Laptop (95Wh)

≈10 times

Drones (43.6Wh)

≈42 times

Phone (2800mAh)

≈86 hours

Table lamp (5W)

≈2.1 hours

Portable cooker (200W)

≈58 times

Camera (1800mAh)

Gentle in size...
beast in performance...

Our Portable Power Station modules are smaller in size compared to our peers and even light in weight, making them easy to carry during outdoor activities.

Expert engineered BMS

Battery Management System (BMS) is the most crucial part of battery products. Our BMS are crafted by world-renowned engineers and are produced with a high-precision robotic arm for products to be best in class when it’s to safety.

triple safety

Saving energy and with excellent heat dissipation and low noise. Engineered by 15 triple hardware and software protection ensuring electrical safety and three firewalls.

Market sectors

Driven to be the world’s most innovative portable power solutions provider.
Power, chill & relax with portable power solutions and make memorable journeys.

Technical specifications:

General characteristics

Nominal capacity
531 Wh

Output power
600 W

Nominal weight
≈ 5.5 - 6.0 Kg

286 mm

222 mm

200 mm

Input port

24 V/7.5 A, max. 180 W

Solar power
13.0-13.8 V, max 100W

Car port
15-25 V/11 A, max. 200 W

Output port

AC port (X2)
Pure sine wave, total max. 600 W

Car port (X1)
12.0 V(-0.5 V, +1.8 V)/10 A, 120 W

USB-A (X2)
5±0.25 V /2.4 A, total max. 24 W

USB-C (X1)
(5/9/12/15/20 V) /3 A, max. PD 60 W

Cell specifications

Cell type
18650 - 2600

Nominal (Typical) capacity
2600 mAh, @ 0.2C

Cell nominal voltage
3.65 V (2.75-4.20V)

Minimum capacity
2600 mAh, @ 0.2C

Operating temperature

Charging temp.
0°C - 47°C

Discharging temp.
-10°C - 58°C

Storage temp.
-20°C - 25°C

Cycle life: 1000 cycles (0.5C Charge, 1C Discharge, @25°C±2°C).
Certifications: CE, RoSH, WEEE, REACH, UKCA, METI, C-Tick, RCM, UN38.3
Protection: Over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, high temperature protection and low temperature protection.

Whats in the box:

Customized modules

OEMs modules
available now...

Get LiB.energy’s Portable Power Stations now for OEMs.

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