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Powering and crafting futuristic portable energy products to stay connected with the world at any corner of the globe.

The increasing demand for clean energy and outdoor lifestyle boosts the development of the portable power station industry.

LiB Portable Power Pro is self-designed by LiB.energy, and has a long cycle life with a built-in high energy density lithium-ion battery and comes with high-temperature protection & low-temperature protection.

Our modules are low cost with high reliability and fast charging.

Our high power and capacity, portable and safe LiB Portable Power Pro provide green energy efficiently and conveniently for a couple of scenarios, including outdoor work, outdoor leisure activities, or emergency medical rescue.

What makes us Industry leader:

Suitable for Major Industry

We are driven to be world’s most innovative portable power solutions provider...

The growing penetration of smart electronic devices, coupled with a rising focus on uninterrupted power supply across multiple applications such as:

— Camping & Outdoor Activities.
— Agriculture Activities.
— Ranching Activities.
— Residential Power Backup.
— Power-tools Backup.
— Crisis Situations.

—  Fairs and cultural events.
—  Sporting Events.
—  Boating and Ferries.
—  Standby Business Power.
—  Family gatherings and Events.
—  Broadcasting markets.

LiB.energy v/s Competitors Brand



Other Brands


Simple and sleek minimal design with independent design patents.

Follow suit, complex shape.


High safety features with triple protection and three firewalls.

Single protection.

Heat Dissipation:

Variable speed fan, saves energy and with excellent heat dissipation and low noise.

Constant-speed fan, noisy.


Fast charge 600W: less than 4 hours
200W: less than 4 hrs.

600 W: ≈7 hour
1200 W: ≈10 hours.

Quality Assurance:

Automated production with over 20 years experience in new energy field 500+ active SKUs.
Low cost with high reliability.

Outsourcing and brand separation, high production costs with quality issues.

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